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At FLCR, New Britain, whether you are from a different religious background, a visitor just browsing our website, simply looking for a place to worship, seeking a new church home, or perhaps just having questions that need to be explored, you are welcome to join our community, to observe, and to experience the cord that binds us together.  We are delighted to welcome YOU!

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We Have 

In Person Weekly Worship with the celebration of the Eucharist.


10 am each week

Feel free to contact the office and leave a message if you have any questions.

SUNDAYS at 10 AM.on

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Interested in joining our community or learning more about our service opportunities or ministries here at FLCR? Call us today at 860-244-2475, and ask about our service opportunities, or email us at

Sunday School

Immediately following Worship


Concert June 18 at 2pm

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Freewill donation with meet and greet reception following the performance in
Fellowship Hall

On Sundays prior to worship , join us for Bible Conversation in the library. All are welcome.

EVERY Sunday @ 9:15 A.M.

This is an opportunity to share our diverse contextual perspectives and insights, and broaden our horizons through engaging in interactive biblical conversations. Our quest to engage how the Bible applies to our daily life brings understanding that moves God’s Word from the intellect to the heart.

Notice of Congregational meeting

June 7, 2023

Dear fellow member of FLCR,

Your Call Committee has been interviewing candidates to fill our pastoral vacancy for the past three years. We owe them a debt of gratitude for their tireless work, meeting frequently to discuss, debate and vet candidates with the help and cooperation of our New England Synod.

We now are excited to have a candidate recommended by the Call Committee and interviewed by the Church Council, which has unanimously voted to recommend this candidate to the congregation, of which you are a part.

On Saturday, June 17, you are invited to a "Meet and Greet" reception in our adult lounge, from 10 AM until noon, to meet the Pastor and enjoy some light refreshments. Then on Sunday, June 18, the candidate will preach and preside at the service. Immediately following the service, there will be a Congregational meeting, followed by a vote to call. Second, you will have the opportunity to review the financial package we are offering the pastor, followed by a vote to approve the package.

We need a quorum in order to proceed with the meeting, so it is very important that we have you there. Please make every effort to participate in these events, as the future of First Lutheran Church of the Reformation will be in your hands.


Sincerely yours,

Alan Robertson

President of the Church Council

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